Founding Team

Rakesh Bhatia

Co Founder & Chairman

After an enriching 28 years' experience as a Global Banker, I started entrepreneurship with a penchant of Financial Technology - enjoy learning immensely about the latest developments and trends in technology and how they are being applied to change the Banking & Financial world. Perhaps the reason why I am so drawn to collaborate with Savvy to democratise mutual funds by building world class distribution technology for Asset Management Companies and Fintechs.

Vidur Malik

Co Founder & CEO

I am a dreamer who likes to build products that have a huge impact on mass. Few years back, I realized that saving money for the millennials is getting difficult as more and more brands are coming to the market to take wallet share. That’s where I started building Savvy, which is democratizing savings everywhere for every need of the customer. I'm an aerospace engineer and a computer scientist from Brown University. I am a fan of trying new food locally and open to new ideas from the people around me.

Jignesh Asher

Director - Business and Compliance

After 25 years of a corporate career, when I got an opportunity to work with Savvy, I jumped at it. At Savvy, we are not building an incremental savings solution; we are going to disrupt the way businesses enable their customers to save. The potential in the Indian markets for digital Investments, especially in the Mutual Fund space is terrific. At Savvy, the product suite to capture this potential is cutting edge. Another key driver for me is the highly diverse, yet united, team. A perfect blend of experience, network and fresh ideas - every day is a great balance of work and fun.

Abhishek Shukal

Director - Finance and Product

My upbringing was in Ahmedabad, a city of business communities, and my friends came from various business family backgrounds. I had always thought of starting on my own and have entrepreneurship experience. Moreover, since I started running marathons, I understood that entrepreneurship is about long game where you need to wake up every day with the hope that you will be able to create impact over the period of 10 years - 20 years. Hence, I ended up in building Savvy. The experience of Zero to one has been amazing and it gave me confidence to build more such Zero to One in life.