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Wander Womaniya


Wander Womaniya is a women's travel company that provides solo trips for women in India. Women would love to travel on their own and are increasingly embracing the joy of travel alone. These solo women – aggregated through Wander Womaniya - get together as a group on trips and thereby, also make new friends. 

The challenge the company was facing was that a lot of women visitors were dropping off after the enquiry stage, as some of the trips, especially the International ones, were expensive. Coupled with the facts that credit card penetration is low and many customers were averse of taking a loan, the company was trying to figure out how to solve the problem. 


Savvy has the solution for exactly the challenge faced by Wander Womaniya. All the right ingredients were there that posed the challenge and for which Savvy had a solution:
A large potential customer base
Aversion and/or inaccessibility to credit
‘Expensive’ product
 Planned purchase 

We offered the SavvyPay product to Wander Womaniya, where a visitor could ‘plan and book’ her dream holiday, by saving for the holiday. SavvyPay provides a variety of flexible options to save for the trip by facilitating a SIP for the customer and each instalment is saved in a liquid mutual fund. As a variant, SavvyPay also offers a direct EMI payment option wherein the customer can pay directly to Wander Womaniya every month. 

Business Impact

The company integrated the product – SavvyPay - on their website and within a month, saw the conversions increase. The drop-offs from earlier started saving using SavvyPay and the company saw a steady increase in business. 

Over the last ten months, a total of 67 customers have booked on Wander Womaniya using SavvyPay, totaling to a GMV of INR 7,54,653

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